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It can be said that a website is essential for the survival of a company , whatever type of business it does.

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Website Design

The strategy and layout of the website, however, can make the difference in acquiring new potential customers or giving you a beautiful site that is of no use to you.

Competitive landscape
In a highly competitive landscape, the website is a determining factor in what sets yours apart from the competition.
effective site
Today more than ever. An effective site that works requires planning and design .
From idea to creation
From idea to creation, your website needs to offer your audience an experience that puts you above the competition.

user experience

This implies that it must necessarily have an attractive design, an easy to use interface, an ease of finding immediately the information that users are looking for and that offers the best possible user experience.

What is smart working? Definition and regulations

The adoption of agile work to replace traditional work was encouraged where possible even without the need for a prior agreement between employer and worker.

However, it was an unscheduled smart working adapted to the emergency situation that saw workers confined to their homes without the flexibility of time and space that characterizes it and makes it so essential for the work of the future.

It was an obligatory step that caught many companies unprepared, causing many inconveniences. The difficulties encountered concern the availability of technological devices and the connection. In fact, very often PCs and tablets are shared by the various members of a family and companies do not have enough tools for all employees. Many companies lacked network sharing systems, databases and, more generally , sufficient digitization to support all processes virtually.

Without a doubt this was the occasion, albeit forced, to experiment with a new working solution. Unfortunately, however, adopting this method in the wrong way has generated confusion.

If you look for the definition of smart working on the net or in specialized books and magazines, you will notice that no one provides an identical definition for this concept.

How to create an e-commerce for your company in 2020

The world of e-commerce has come a long way from 1994 to the present and is growing dramatically . Before we give you some information on how to create an e-commerce, let’s look at some statistics.

E-commerce in Italy
Currently 70% of the Italian population accesses the Internet and this is a constantly growing figure . In 2018 the market generated a turnover of 41.5 billion euros, growing overall by 18% compared to 2017, more than in the previous year. There are about 38 million online consumers and it is expected that by 2023 they will reach 41 million.

In Italy the smartphone is used by online shoppers much more than in the rest of Europe. In fact, 85% of the population that uses the web uses the telephone for shopping . 34% of them use it often and 14% always.

Leisure is the most purchased sector in e-commerce (41.3%), followed by Tourism (28%). While the former continues its growth also thanks to online gaming, the latter stands at + 9%, demonstrating that the sector has great room for growth. Shopping Centers continue to increase their expansion (+ 39%), reaching 14.5% against 12% of turnover last year. From the previous year there was + 23% of the Health and Beauty sectors thanks to beauty and the proliferation of online pharmacies, while the Fashion sector grew by 18%. Consumer electronics, Home and furniture and Food grew by 17%, the latter thanks to large consumption but also to food delivery. Returning to the distribution of e-commerce turnover to the three big sectors, they follow: Insurance (4.9%), Electronics (3.3%), Food (2.8%),

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To have a website that meets all these requirements, you need to work with the right web agency .

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there are so many companies and freelancers that provide this service; many of these are beginners and do not have the necessary experience to devise an effective strategy

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Hello! I’m Dave. I’ve Been Building Websites for 16 Years

While this may seem daunting , you need to be selective and make sure the communication and marketing agency you’re thinking of working with is able to offer the best solutions by understanding the company and above all your business goals.

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Because it is easy to build a site, even in a few hours; if, however, the strategy is missing, it will be only one of the millions of sites on the internet.
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